The Google Helpful Content Update is over!

It was more of a non-event until the last week or so with some sites seeing 10-30% moves. Of course, there were still some sites that took heavy hits or had big wins, but the majority of sites didn't.

I have 7 different sites I'm actively working on and one of them increased 15-20%. Another site initially dipped 10-15% a week ago, but has since come back up to where it was before the update started.

Now, are those changes due to the Update or just regular ups and downs of traffic?

For the site with the increase, I feel the Update gave me the boost because:

  • Rankings increased for a variety of keywords across numerous pages.
  • Pages that weren't ranking in the top 100 before were now inside the top 100.
  • Search impressions didn't increase significantly for the pages that were previously ranking well

Have you looked at your GSC lately?

Even if your traffic didn't increase or decrease, you should spend a little time and dig into GSC. Compare if there's been any movement for certain pages or search queries.

Maybe you lost traffic from one of your top pages, but you don't know that because the traffic was made up by a new page.

GSC is your best friend when it comes to how Google is treating your site.

One side not, this is Issue 99!1 more issue and Niche Surfer hits 100!

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