Raise your hand if you've heard of Google's Helpful Content Update coming next week.

Now raise your hand if you heard of Google's next Product Reviews Update that Barry Schwartz thinks is coming the week after.

Yep, they were both announced the same day in separate blog posts, but the product reviews one was more hidden and received far fewer mentions.

Is preannouncing updates the norm now? Maybe it's a good thing? Maybe it'll help people clean up their sites more?

Just remember that changing your sites now probably won't help your site with the updates. John Mueller has said it can take months for an update, so cleaning up a site now won't help with this update.

It's still good to look at your sites though and see what you can do to make them better. We should all be reviewing our sites regularly.

The skill of objectively reviewing your own sites is something I often tell people to learn how to do. That will only make you better and help you earn more with your sites.

If you ever need help with reviewing your site and content, feel free to reach out. I can help with website teardowns, site and content strategy, and topical maps. We can also work together on a 1-on-1 strategy call if you prefer.


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