Just published the 50th Niche Creator interview!

I was able to start off these Q&As with two of the most experienced niche site builders out there - Mushfiq from The Website Flip and Chris from Niche Safari.

They really helped to move the needle as I continued to look for great people to profile. In the beginning, it was easy to get people to agree and answer the 20 questions.

But now, it's gotten to a point now where I'm hitting a wall when it comes to getting two interviews per week. Many people agree, but it seems that with the latest Google updates and industry changes, people have been busier than in the past.

I do get it though because I've been busier than in the past as well. So my outreach to new people hasn't been as active as before.

That has led to longer lead times to getting Creators to answer the 20 questions. I have 20+ people who have agreed and haven't had a chance to fill out the questions yet.

Another major factor is trying to find people who are willing to be public and share all/some of the information in the questions.

I'll keep chugging along and trying to find great people that can provide great value to you!

And if you'd like to share your story, reply back and let me know!


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