Niche Site Failure vs Success

Will your niche site succeed or fail?

I look at the different factors when starting and building niche sites that can lead to Success or Failure.

This is something I shared on Twitter after thinking about some of the mistakes I've made in the past and/or seen others make. These are only 6 of the many mistakes.

Disclaimer: These are lessons learned from my experiences with my sites and others I have access to. Nothing is ever 100%.

1. Niche Selection

Failure: Choosing a niche that you love as the only factor.

Success: Choosing a niche where you can define what the audience loves and wants to know about (and you can love it too).

2. Keywords

Failure: Going after low-competition keywords with no plan of how they tie together.

Success: Going after low-competition keywords with a cluster plan for topical authority.

3. Content

Failure: High-quality content stuffed with keywords.

Success: High-quality content that's SEO-optimized and addresses search intent. 

4. Internal Linking

Failure: Using a plugin, tool, or VA to interlink based on specific keywords. And using those keywords as anchors repeatedly, leading to over-optimization. 

Success: Only interlinking based on relevancy using varied anchor text. 

5. Website Design

Failure: Using Elementor, Divi, or Brizy to make beautiful, but bloated sites. 

Success: Using GeneratePress or Astra to make above-average-looking, speedy sites. 

6. Mindset When Reviewing Your Own Site

Failure: It's a perfect niche site with great content. 

Success: It's a good niche site, but what can be improved? Ability to be objective about your own site.

What are some others you can think of?


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