Another week, another Google Update. This time it's the July 2022 Product Reviews Update.

Looking at the various SERP sensors, there's not much volatility like a regular core update. Not much "My site got crushed!!" noise either.

I feel the lack of noise is because many people creating niche sites now are creating informational content sites and not affiliate-focused sites.

Affiliate sites are much better ROI than info sites, but there is a higher risk due to regular Google updates. If you're able to diversify your traffic streams and not rely on 90% Google traffic, you'll have one successful affiliate site.

Take a look at where your traffic is coming from. How exposed are you to Google traffic and getting hit by an update?

Look for more ways to drive traffic to your site and diversify your revenue streams where you can.

Don't forget to look at Google's guide to writing product reviews if you haven't already.


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