Ezoic's SEO Tag Tester tool is a great tool to A/B test page titles and descriptions. But you may want to delete outdated tests or risk old titles still being pushed to Google.

Yes, if you tested putting in the current year in review articles, you may want to delete the 2021 title tests from the Tag Tester list.

I found the issue when I was looking into Title and Descriptions that show up in the SERPs. I was shocked to see that Google showed "Best *** in 2021" for one particular post.

I double-checked the post on WordPress and there were no indications of 2021. Then I went into Google Search Console (GSC) to see what was going on. I performed these steps:

  • Inspect the URL in GSC
  • Test the Page
  • View Tested Page
  • Search the page HTML for "2021"

That's when I saw the old page title "Best *** in 2021" was still being pushed out by Ezoic. Everything else was 2022.

So even though the page title test ended over a year ago with the winning "Best *** in 2021" title, Ezoic was still pushing it out.

According to Ezoic's help page on Tag Tester:

Once the test has finished, Tag Tester will automatically change the title to the winning variation with the best “Total Score”.

But there's no "timeline" or other information about how long they will continue to push out the winning title. So even though you update the page itself and clear the cache, Ezoic is still pushing out the titles and descriptions from old tests.

After I deleted the old Tag Tests and cleared the Ezoic cache for the page, I went back into GSC and no longer saw 2021 anywhere in the HTML.

So when the tests are over, make sure you delete the old tests. That will stop Ezoic from changing the title or description of pages - especially if you're testing things like dates and numbers.

I don't know if Mediavine or AdThrive have similar testing tools, but you may want to check their testing tools as well.


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