I started a new niche site on June 11, 2022 and thought I'd share my results after 1 month and 3 days.

Here's what I did in the first month to build the site's foundation:

  • 1 topic cluster
  • 1 fresh domain (0 DR)
  • 3 social accounts created (no posts yet)
  • 25 citations
  • 42 info posts, all indexed
  • Low-Med competition keywords with Search Volume ranging from 0 to 6600 per month. Only 4 keywords have SV under 100.

Some of the key result metrics so far:

  • 17 organic users
  • 14 articles have broken into US Top 100 at one point.
  • 13 articles have broken into US Top 20.
  • 7 articles have broken into US Top 10
  • But with the way SERPs are displayed, Top 10 Does Not Equal Page 1
  • 12 articles haven't shown up in GSC rankings for any keywords yet
  • Ahrefs 124 keywords, 222 Org Traffic

Here are my insights so far:

  • With Google's SERP Features, the second half of Top 10 results are getting pushed to Page 2, lowering CTR.
  • Planning out a tight cluster has helped the articles collectively rank more quickly.
  • These 42 keywords in 1 cluster on a fresh domain have grown faster than 2 ongoing sites, each adding 100+ articles on low-comp kws in 10+ clusters.

I like to plan out sites and work through topic clusters, while being open and flexible to new topics. Clusters help show authority and help sites rank. Then I move on to related topics one at a time. This is something I've learned over time.

Just Start Publishing is a great message for beginners, because paralysis analysis is definitely one of the main reasons someone doesn't catch the wave and start their niche site journey.

But once you're riding the wave, you need to start being more smart about your time and money. Learn from your past mistakes and failures. Avoid repeating them.

I'm sharing these things to hopefully help you save yourself time and money by learning from my mistakes.

Be more efficient in how you approach sites to save yourself time and money. Get traffic sooner and cheaper.

Many of the Niche Creators I've interviewed have share some great tips from their failures, so be sure to read their Q&As and learn from them!

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