2021 is Almost Here!

We're almost rid of 2020 and all the crap that this year has brought to us globally. Let's start off this last Wave issue in 2020 with a couple of funny video ads on Ryan Reynolds' YouTube channel that seems to be made for

Match Made in Hell

When Satan Met 2020

Now that you've had a laugh, back to affiliate websites. This Wave turned out to have more of a focus on Search Intent and Content as a result of the Google core update. But that's good because they're also the most important for the success of any site.

It's a good way to get back to the core of what affiliate websites are all about. Giving users what they want.

Search intent and content can sometimes be ignored by flashier things like link building, page speed, site architecture, and anything else that people say will help them rank higher. How do I know?

Because people have said to me "my content is great, but I'm not ranking because I don't have backlinks." I call bullsh*t.

Plenty of sites and individual articles rank without any backlinks, fast page speeds, the perfect site structure, etc. I used to spend so much time finding the perfect domain name, optimizing sites for 90+ pagespeed scores, backlink outreach, and whatever else I thought would be the key to ranking higher.

When I finally refocused and put all that energy into the content and making sure I'm answering what people want to know, my sites got more traffic and revenue. In my eyes, optimized content for search intent will always have the biggest impact for any site.

When I thought my content was optimized, that's when I would spend time on the other stuff to help achieve higher rankings and drive more traffic. But what's optimized content if everyone thinks their own content is great and optimized?

"Great content" is subjective, while "Optimized content" is objective. Google's search engine is run by 1's and 0's. The SERPs will show you what's "optimized" and how content will get to Page 1.

That's why I use content optimizers like Frase and SurferSEO. I used to manually check the SERPs and see what each ranking article wrote about, the header structure, outline, word count, etc. That's labor-intensive, so these tools make the process faster.

I can save some energy from the manual checks and put it towards making more content. Or just spend less time working and more time with the family.

The tools aren't Free, but Frase has a free trial that includes up to 5 documents. SurferSEO has a 7-day trial for $1. Try both and see what you like better from a UI and UX perspective. They both do the same thing by analyzing the top search results and outputting data to use in optimizing content.

That's it for me for 2020! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

See you next year!

Niche Surfer  


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