I went from 0 to 200+ visitors a day within 7 days of starting a site.

Brand new domain. Only 10 posts.

How did I do that?

Well, I put on that Black Hat, went to Fiverr, and bought the organic traffic. Yep, you can buy organic traffic.

This was early on when I was first learning about SEO and it seemed like Alexa ranking mattered. Alexa ranking was based on the traffic going to your site.

I also thought that maybe if Google saw that my site was getting a lot or organic traffic, they'd rank the site quicker - so I went and bought traffic.

It was a successful experiment in that it did raise the Alexa ranking. But it failed in that it did nothing for Google.

All this is just to say to be careful with who you follow out there and purchase courses/products from.

If I didn't tell you that these numbers were fake, you wouldn't know know it was purchased traffic. It's easy to fake charts even, without Photoshop.

Know that it takes time for new sites to get indexed and start getting traffic, especially with only 10 posts.

When a traffic chart seems too good to be true - it probably is.

Don't stop publishing!


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