So...I started this new niche site exactly a week ago on June 11th and published 4 articles.

The next day, I shared the screenshot above of my Google Search Console showing 0 search impressions. I wrote:

I just started a new site. Published 4 posts yesterday.
They're all indexed. But no traffic yet?
Why isn't there any traffic yet?
Are niche sites a scam? This is stupid, I quit!

I was a little surprised at the number of replies and DM's I received with advice, but also to sell their SEO services.

I assumed that by reading what I wrote, people would've seen the fun I was having with the Tweet. I didn't think about the non-native English speakers who would've taken it seriously. But then again, I did say "Published 4 posts yesterday."

I really appreciate the ones who responded with helpful information and offering some advice not to worry. After all, it was only a day since I started the site.

But then there were all the replies and DM's of people who were looking to sell their SEO services. They didn't read or maybe had some automation to reply to target keywords in tweets. That got super annoying.

I think we've all seen the spam emails that say the Sender came across our sites and loved it, but that the site has so many problems too, and they're the only ones who can help us. This situation is just the Twitter version of it.

There are so many people out there who color in the dark gray and black areas out there. Maybe it's just because I've been trying to spend more time on Twitter, but it just seems to be like the numbers have increased significantly recently.

Here's the Tweet if you're interested in seeing the Tweet. I did share a couple more screenshots, including another GSC on the 5th day with some Search Impressions on the 4 articles. I've published 12 articles as of now.

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