I mentioned last week how one of my sites took a hit and there was a possible Google update, but they hadn't announced anything.

Well, the Google Core Update is now official. Hopefully your sites are benefiting from the update!

How can you avoid taking a hit by Google? Unfortunately, there's no way to 100% prevent getting hit by Google updates - don't listen to anyone who says that there is.

You can help your sites avoid getting hit by writing good content and following Google's best practices when it comes to content, links, technical SEO, etc. But there's no way to guarantee that your site won't get hit.

I have sites that have never been hit and have benefited, but I will never guarantee My Way works. And anyone who says things like "never get hit by Google updates" is full of it. Or most likely just trying to get your click and money.

Oh and notice the topical map above? It's the beginnings of a new site!

How many of you create a topical map to plan out your site's content?

I always start out with a mindmap version as it helps me to visually plan the site out. It helps ensure that I don't get trapped in a corner for new topics a year down the road. The niche has to have room to grow or I'm not interested in it.

Then I translate it into a spreadsheet, so I can organize the keywords/articles/writers. This is where the real work of keyword research comes. This helps inform me of what topics to go after 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and so on.

This is something that I do with people that I consult and coach.

Are you interested in learning how to create your own topical maps to more easily create a content plan for your site?

Hit Reply and let me know. Let's talk!

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