As of a couple of weeks ago, there are now over 500 Niche Surfer subscribers!

Thank you to everyone who's here and reading this now! I've enjoyed creating these newsletters every week and sharing the latest with you.

I'd never done much marketing of the newsletter until I started doing the Niche Creator Q&A interviews in February and was more active on Twitter - follow me at @yoyaoh.

The initial influx of subscribers came from the two podcast interviews I did with Spencer Haws and Adam Smith. The newsletter list grew slowly after that.

If you have any thoughts and/or ideas on what you want to see more of, let me know!

There also seems to be an unannounced Google Update out there. One of my sites got hit a couple days ago - not fun 😔 Google Search Console hasn't been consistent with updates either, going on 26 hours as I write this. So something's going on. Keep an eye out.

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