We have a couple of big hitters this week for Niche Creator Q&As - Charles Floate and Larry Ludwig!

These are great one-page profiles that many people love. People enjoy getting down to some of the core drivers for the success of these Creators.

Who are the other niche site builders / content creators that you want to hear from?

I don't have a specific order when asking people for interviews. It's all been pretty casual and loose, so far. I have a list of people I know, then I also come across people once in a while on Twitter or elsewhere who I see has had some success.

Charles talks about how having mentors accelerated his journey the most. Even if you don't have a mentor, there are many people that you can follow. @NicheSiteLady recently tweeted a thread of 25 YouTube channels to follow that you can follow and use as "mentors." (She has an upcoming Q&A as well!)

There are many ways to stay updated and continue learning. Larry said that the best decision he's made is to continue taking on new skills where he lacked the experience.

Aged domains have become a hot topic recently. Many people have talking about it and sharing success stories about how much traffic in days/weeks/months. Those are great and all, but those aren't as helpful when it comes to learning, because those posts are just about the results. It's not about how they got there.

Go to people like Mushfiq at The Website Flip and Adam/Mark at Niche Website Builders to learn the how and why aged domains work.

Mushfiq has paid courses (72-hour sale below), but also lots of free articles on He also did one of the first Niche Creator Q&As.

Adam and Mark has aged domain services, but they have also been on a YouTube tear with many videos on aged domains. I'm obligated to also mention my NWB Interview with them here - one of the first videos on their channel!

There's lots of free information out there. There's also lots of paid information out there that offer a structured plan to learning. No matter how you go about it...

Always Be Learning!

Yoyao - Niche Surfer  

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