Finishing Out 2020

2020 is finally coming to a close. It's been one crazy year all around the world.

I have a list of things I want to do before the year ends, so I can hit the ground running in 2021. Will still try to enjoy the holidays of course. Some of the things I want to clear off my list:

  • Publish the backlog of ~20 articles from writers. It takes time because I edit and optimize the content with Frase, plus do the formatting and images.
  • Finalize picking the niche for a new site (or 2) I want to start. I've also been looking at buying smaller sites, so that is another option.
  • Figure out a plan for a Virtual Assistant - which also means laying out my SOPs for others to follow.
  • Plan a restructuring of the sites. Site architecture has gotten a little messy with sites, so I want to clean them up for the search engines. I've been wanting to do this for months now, but didn't want to do it before the holidays.

What do you have on your To Do list before 2020 ends?

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"data-nosnippet" - Stop Google From Grabbing The Wrong Snippets

Google has been grabbing and showing their own meta descriptions from what's in your content - no matter what you put in the meta description field of your favorite SEO plugin (Rank Math, Yoast, etc).

Sometimes, this could even be your affiliate disclaimers ("There may be affiliate links...") if you put it at the top of your posts - which is what I do. Having the disclaimer up at top is good practice and less issues with Amazon.

Google showing your affiliate disclaimer in the SERPs is bad for business, because a user scrolling through the search results will not click through to your site if they see the disclaimer as your site's description.

Bye-bye CTR (click-through rate).

Unfortunately, you can't force Google to show what you want for the snippets, but there's a way to stop Google from showing them what you don't want to show.

Stop it by adding the Google-approved "data-nosnippet" HTML attribute.

I've added it to all my sites.