"Stop letting the fear of judgement hold you back. The truth is nobody cares. They are too wrapped up in themselves, and what they’re doing. I still remember thinking that after I hit publish on my first blog post, all these people were going to text me and tell me what a loser I am. How ridiculous is that?"

That's a quote from one of the Michael X. Donovan, one of the Niche Creator interviews this week. I love this tip!

That's one of the things that really rings true if you're like me, someone who's always at home building niche sites. You don't go to an office and have a traditional job.

Whenever I meet new people, I never quite know how to explain what I do. Affiliate marketing can get rather long-winded, so if I'm not in the mood to answer many followup questions, I often just say I develop websites. I don't talk about monetization because it's just an easier conversation.

But if I'm in a good mood, I'll say that I'm an Online Publisher managing a portfolio of websites. Then I'll discuss affiliate marketing and display ad monetization. I'll add on my coaching/consulting work and other revenue streams I might have coming in.

It doesn't really matter what they think of me and what I do. My approach now is more about how I'm feeling and how much I want to talk.

It wasn't like that initially though. When I was just starting this journey, I do remember that it was always an awkward conversation about "What I do," because of what they might think of me.

Then, when I stopped thinking about what others would think, I was able to go hard at building niche sites and keep myself energized (coffee helped too!).

People will judge, that's human nature. It's especially true of those who are jealous of your success or just don't understand. That's how it goes. You can't appease them or make them understand.

Drown out the noise and GO.

Yoyao - Niche Surfer  

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