Last week I gave a What Would You Do? and said that I'd tell you what I'd do.

Here's a recap of the situation:

Here are the key background items to know:

  • Large authority site
  • Generates 5-figure monthly income from affiliate sales, courses, and ebooks
  • 100K+ visitors per month

What would you do? Would you:

  1. Add display ads to ALL the pages?
  2. Add display ads to informational pages only?
  3. Skip display ads and focus on sales conversions?
  4. Other...

What I would do is #3 and focus on converting sales because the margins on products are high and revenues will grow faster.

In SEO, there's always the "it depends" answer and that's true. There are many variables that you can add to the equation that could change my answer. But I wanted to keep it broad for this and see what the responses would be like.

For me, here are my thoughts about the 3 background items. I did some quick math:

Assuming base numbers of $10k monthly income and 100K visitors, the site's Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is $0.10. In Revenue Per Mille (RPM) terms, that's $100.

With that amount of traffic, the site would go with Mediavine or AdThrive usually. Either way, obtaining a $100 RPM through display ads would be very difficult.

Now, the site is already doing well with ARPU, so I would focus more energy on looking to optimize current revenue streams.

  • Are there ways to optimize conversions on landing pages?
  • Are there ways to optimize the current blog content?
  • Are the email campaigns optimized? Abandonment cart emails?
  • Is there new content that you can create to drive more traffic? For every 1,000 visitors the site is able to bring in, that's another $100.

Now, if the site owner wanted something more passive, they could add display ads to a few non-sales/money pages to test. If everything looks good with visitors not being bothered by the ads and the site is still working well, then they could expand to all the non-sales/money pages.

My assumption is it's a large authority site and the site owner is probably working on this 100% of the time or at least a majority of the time. So, I would focus on optimizing what's already working with this site.

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