What would you do?

I was asked recently by someone about whether they should add display ads to their site. Wanted to take it to the group as a thinking exercise to see what you would do.

Here are the key background items to know:

  • Large authority site
  • Generates 5-figure montly income from affiliate sales, courses, and ebooks
  • 100K+ visitors per month

What would you do? Would you:

  1. Add display ads to ALL the pages?
  2. Add display ads to informational pages only?
  3. Skip display ads and focus on sales conversions?
  4. Other...

It's an interesting question because you get a lot of traffic and you can generate a good income from display ads. But there's the concern of the UX and if display ads might take away from converting a visitor into a customer of a digital product or affilaite product.

There's been some tests done by the likes of Matt Diggity showing that affiliate sales aren't affected by display ads on the same articles. I didn't see any big effects from adding display ads on my affiliate pages either, but I didn't perform a vast test either.

Margins would be higher for your own digital products, but there's also a lot more work that goes into sales conversions.

Putting display ads onto pages won't be a lot of work, but there's the chance it affects your sales conversions, as well as the possibility of slowing your site down. Site speed could then affect your rankings.

So what would you do?

I'll tell you what I'd do next week!

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