A little over a week after the latest Google Product Reviews Update was released, and it seems that I have 1 site that's received a positive effect that started on March 25th, the day after the update.

The site went from about 200 organic sessions a day to about 300 sessions for a good 50% increase.

This is a mostly informational site too, probably 90%. I looked into the pages that got a bump and it was informational articles that had increased traffic.

A big part of the traffic increase came from one topic cluster that's all informational. Many of the keywords were already ranking in the top 10, but then they started ranking in the top 5 starting March 25th.

Even though the update was for Product Reviews, it was the informational articles that were affected in my case. Maybe the update took down half of the sites above me on that particular topic, so my site got moved up.

I'll see how the rest of the Google update plays out for my sites, but this one had a nice increase.

Other than that, I haven't been hearing much of big increases or decreases of site traffic. Were you affected?

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