Almost there. I received an offer for the site I'm selling and accepted it! The listing went live on Feb. 14th and an offer was made on Feb. 21st.

It's now being migrated by Empire Flippers to the buyer. It's nice that EF takes care of the migration, but it also adds a lot of time to the migration process. I also need to give EF access to my accounts, so they can perform the migration of domain and server.

While, I don't need to touch anything, there's always the concern that something accidentally goes wrong with my other domain and/or server setups. When I'm migrating directly with buyers or sellers, I feel it's easier and safer because there's no middle-man.

With EF, their team is knowledgeable and quick to respond throughout the process so far. But one thing you don't get is a personal touch because you're handed off from one EF team member to another.

Each stage of the process so far has been a new person - Vetting, Active Listing, Migration. While the listing was active, it was actually the first support member to get to the ticket message.

Once migration is complete, there's a 14-day inspection period for the buyer to confirm everything is good. The buyer can end the period early too. Once the inspection is done, then I get the money transferred to me.

It's been a good experience with EF so far. As of now, I'll use them again for selling and/or buying sites, but I think only for more complex sites or businesses. If it's just a simple content site, it'll be easier and faster to do everything between the two parties.

Price-wise, when compared to Flippa, you wouldn't be saving that much money. Flippa has a listing fee and a commission of 5-10% depending on the price of the listing. Then there's the hassle of doing everything yourself.

Will let you know how the rest of the website sale process goes with EF.

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