The talk of the town has been the Google Algorithm Core Update and what it was all about. There're a couple videos below and a Lily Ray article on category Winners & Losers that provides some insights.

So far, luckily my main two sites, Site 1 and Site 2, haven't seen much effect, other than a traffic lull after Black Friday. Rankings haven't changed all that much.

But Site 3 saw a drop in rankings. You can see in the Google Search Console screenshot that there were 2 hits to Impressions on Nov. 17th and Dec. 3rd. There was talk on Nov. 17th that Google might've been updating things. I didn't pay too much attention back then because my focus was on getting ready for Black Friday, but now I see that Site 3 was affected. Maybe Nov. 17th was a test for the real update on Dec. 3rd?

Both times, the impressions and rankings have recovered. The Dec. 3rd recovery in rankings has actually been better after the initial hit. With the Nov. 17th update, there was little traffic effect because it was mostly the low ranking keywords that dropped off. The higher ranking posts weren't affected back then. On Dec. 3rd, all posts were affected.

Traffic has actually hit a daily high the last couple days with the recovery. I'm going to wait until the updates are officially over before I start celebrating the recovery - Easy come, easy go.



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