I'm excited to pre-announce a new section of the Niche Surfer newsletter - Niche Creators!

I don't want to get into the details yet, but it will be very useful for many of you - including me!

I wanted to get it up for this week, but I underestimated the work/reconfiguring that I need to do to get everything up on the domain, while also keeping the newsletter archives easily accessible. I hope to have it up by next week.

Until then, do check out some of the tools shared below this week. There are some great tools that take advantage of the Google Search Console URL Inspection API. They've already saved me a lot of time with the GSC tasks that I found myself doing more and more with indexing issues.

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Good discussions are already going on in the group, so be sure to stop by!

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Like Niche Surfer?

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Have a great week with taking your niche sites to another level!

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