After testing Discord this past week with some people, it looks like the Niche Surfer community is ready to go on the Discord Platform! Here's the link to join:

Niche Surfer Community on Discord

You'll need a Discord account to join, but you might have one already. Many communities have migrated over to Discord to host their communities.

There will probably still be some growing pains as I get used to the platform and the features, but the most important feature of chatting on it is working great.

I'll be on there regularly, so feel free to ask questions you might have on there!

The Private Monthly Income Clubs are broken down by how much you're earning each month, so you'll need to send me a message on Discord for me to add you to your specific income level. This will allow people to communicate most effectively with each other.

As you level up to higher monthly earnings on your niche site journey, it makes sense to have chats with people on similar paths with you. If you're earning $1k-5k per month, you don't need the beginner topics anymore. You want to learn from others who are facing similar obstacles.

Online communities like big Facebook groups are great, but 99% of the content isn't really relevant or they're focused on basic, niche site 101 topics.

Masterminds are popular because everyone in the group is in the same boat (or at least they should be), so you're able to learn and share with others.

The goal with the Private Monthly Income Clubs is for niche site owners to be able to most effectively communicate with others who are in similar positions and experience levels.

So get in now to start talking! It's FREE too!

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