Thanks to all of you who took the survey the last couple of weeks! It helped me a lot with seeing what you're interested in and how I can provide more value to you.

Here are some interesting insights from the people who took the survey:

  • 50% have 2-3 niche sites or online businesses
  • 50% have been building sites for 5-10 years!
  • 37% have been building sites for 1-2 years
  • 50% are earning between $1k-5k every month! (That's great!)

For future newsletters, you also told me the top categories that people are most interested in are. I'll focus sharing more information in those areas in future newsletters. The top 3 are:

  • Case Studies / Income Reports
  • SEO
  • Creating and Optimizing Content

There was an overwhelming Yes with people who want to read interviews with people who are building their niche sites and online businesses. It would've been unanimous except one person said No with the reason being he/she wants it in a Podcast or YouTube format!

The other thing that I'm currently building are the private online communities for people based on different earning levels. 85% of people were interested in learning from and sharing with others in the same income levels as them.

I'm using Discord as the platform for it because I like the way that the chat is displayed, along with the ability to pin messages and search for the content that you want easily. I'm still learning how to manage Discord and going through the different options. There are many things to adjust.

For the different income levels, I think I'm going to need to manually verify that with people on a case-by-case basis. If anyone can think of a way to automate it, please let me know!

I do feel that there is a lot of share for people who are earning at similar income levels. People who are making $5-10k will not need much of the beginner SEO help as the people who are starting out. It keeps everyone in those groups focused on how to increase their income each month.

Until I've got a good grasp on Discord, I'll be running it in Beta mode for now.

If you're interested in getting in early, reply to this email and let me know. I'll send you an invite link!

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