I received an Ezoic Community Top Performer Award this week!

The award goes to digital publishing leaders identified as top-performing Ezoic publishers in their community. The community I chose when I applied for consideration was Niche Website Builders. Mark from NWB sent me an email when he announced the winner on their YouTube channel.

Definitely very cool that I won. What'd I win? An Ezoic t-shirt with the Niche Surfer logo on the sleeve and and additional 50% of my January Ezoic income.

Ezoic has really been making a big marketing push for new publishers, as well as trying to reward their current publishers.

If you're not with Ezoic, you can sign up your sites with Ezoic now.

I'm not a fan of how you need to be a Premium publisher to get high ad rates, but it also makes sense as the higher-traffic sites are what advertisers want. I had to wait a few months before being invited to the Premium program, but once I got in, my EPMVs went higher.

The Premium program also has different levels and the higher you go, the higher the EPMV seems to be. That's the best reason to get into the Premium program if you can.

But one thing you can do to immediately get all your sites into the Premium program is to buy a site that's already in the Premium program.

I'm in the midst of trying to sell one of my affiliate sites right now in the mid 5-figure range. It's only my 2nd sale ever (1st was last year for $3,500), so this is at a higher budget.

That site is currently in Ezoic's Premium Accelerator Program (PAP), a 3-year program that keeps all of my sites in the Premium program along with some PAP-only support and opportunities.

But a major bonus of buying the site is the buyer's account will be transferred to PAP. That means all their sites will be Premium too. Not a bad way to get into Ezoic's Premium program with higher EMPVs at all.

I've also been getting some great responses on your thoughts on how to improve Niche Surfer. If you haven't had a chance to do the 10-questions, I'd really appreciate it if you can!

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