A couple issues ago I had shared a link about trying to index pages that Google stubbornly didn't want to index. The tip suggested creating a new page with the same content and a different URL, and removing the old page.

I tried it and it worked!

Well, what I actually did was change the URL of the page (instead of creating a new page). I figured it was the same effect with a new URL that wasn't indexed. Here was my process:

  • Find all the Internal Links pointing to the /old-url with Link Whisper and keeping this page/window tab open
  • Changed the URL (e.g., to in another window tab
  • Rank Math Pro automatically created the redirections from the /old-url to /new-url
  • Go back to the Link Whisper tab and edit all those links in the individual posts to reflect the /new-url

It's a bit of a pain because of the internal links. Even though the redirection was there, I'd rather have a direct link to the new page, instead of an extra redirection in the middle.

Google picked up the new URLs on all the sites quickly, under 24 hours. I only requested indexing on Google Search Console for the first couple of changes After that, I just let Google pick up the new URLs themselves.

I'm glad I tried this too. I had tried many other ways to get Google to index thse pages, but they didn't work.

As I was looking at all the non-indexed pages, about 15 across 4 sites, I also noticed something interesting. All the pages were published around Dec. 10-11, 2021.

So it seems like Google had trouble indexing pages around those dates, at least on my sites. With that coincidence, I'm going to say it Google's fault those pages were not indexed!

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