I shared last week that I started to dive down the rabbit hole of buying aged domains and ended up purchasing more domains than I had time. I like all the domains and see potential with them, whether as a 301 Redirect or building a niche site on them.

I received a few emails from people who were interested in looking at the domains and potentially purchasing a domain. So what I did was set up a basic site to list the domains, their metrics, and my thoughts when I was bidding on them on the auction sites like GoDaddy.

I've already started to use three other domains I purchased. Two domains were 301 redirected to two of my current sites in the same niches.

On the third domain, I recovered the content from Wayback Machine to give Google some content to crawl. This site had content as late as March 2021. What's interesting is the site is already geting search impressions again. It's a good sign, and I'll start on keyword research and articles for this site soon.

On the 5 domains I've listed, I recovered Wayback content too, so that Google has some content to crawl. The recovery process isn't perfect due to it depending on what Wayback has available, but it's better than nothing. This will help get the domain some crawl budget and for when new content is uploaded.

The domains and the content are indexing already, so that's a great sign. Some are showing more pages in the index than others, because that depends on when I received the domain and put the content up. A couple of the domains I only received in the last two days and put up recovered content.

I'll be putting up more domains in the coming days. I don't have possession of the domains right after winning the auctions. I usually have to wait several days. For example, GoDaddy doesn't transfer you the domains for around 10 days.

All the available domains are listed at, so check them out and buy them if you're interested.

Feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions about the domains.

Yoyao - Niche Surfer  


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Puppy Food Approach: I'd write 4 separate articles because the SERPs show that it would support 4 articles. With the higher level article, I'd link to the longer-tail keyword articles and link back up.

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