How was your Black Friday season with visitors and affiliate sales? Hope your sites all saw upticks and continue to see higher levels of both this holiday season!

One thing I've fallen into recently is researching and buying aged/expiring domains on auction from GoDaddy.

I never spent much time on GoDaddy auctions before until the past couple of weeks when I saw an expiring domain that was up for sale. The plan is to 301 it into a site I'm building with a couple partners.

With Black Friday sales, I saw a good aged domain that was available on one of the aged domain marketplaces. It was a perfect sub-niche for our site. It was a DR10 with about 7-10 good backlinks from sites in the DR50-90 range. With the BF sale, it would've cost ~$450.

I then thought, why not take a look at GoDaddy to see what's up there. It wasn't long before I found a DR28 domain on auction that was ending before the BF sale would've. The GoDaddy domain was an even better fit as it covered multiple sub-niches for our site and had 20+ domains in the DR50-90 range.

Since it was an auction, we didn't know what the price would be, but the auction would've ended before the BF deal was over. If we didn't win the auction, we would go with Plan B of buying the BF-deal domain.

In the end, we won the GoDaddy domain for $676, plus the $5 GoDaddy Auction membership fee to be able to bid on domains.

We're happy about acquiring that domain and hopeful for the boost it'll give the site we're building.

But now that's led me into buying more aged domains. I've purchased 7 other domains in the last couple of weeks on GoDaddy!

I definitely got them at much lower prices than if I would've gotten them from an aged domain marketplace. BUT I also spent a bunch of time researching the domains.

What do I plan on doing with all the domains? Depending on the domains and how they connect to my current sites, I have a few different options:

  1. 301 to Current Sites - I'll 301 relevant content to pages on my current site. The non-relevant content, I'll 301 to an Acquisition Announcement page on my site and internally link from there to important pages.
  2. Build New Sites - I won't build any sites right away. My current plan is to recover old content fom Wayback Machine and let that sit to see how Google picks up the domains. Depending on what Google picks up, I'll add similar content to replace the recovered content to create a new site in the topics that Google likes.
  3. Sell Domains - I bought a bunch and I probably won't get to all of them. My eyes got too big as I was thinking about all the potential with the domains out there! I might look to sell some of these.

Hopefully that will help give you some insights into aged domains and answer some questions for people who are interested.

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