Lots of amazing Black Friday deals below.

I'll include a "I'm Buying" if I'm going to get it myself. I've also included notes based on my experiences with tools.

For those deals on AppSumo, they'll knock off an additional 10% if you spend $150 or more from their Black Friday Collection. Any deals that have a "Black Friday" tag on them are part of the extra 10% Off.

I've included some of the more relevant AppSumo deals for niche sites, but there are a lot more. Their plans have different levels and the prices below are for their base plans.

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Tools and ResourcesTools and Resources


  • Keyword Chef, Nov. 26-Dec. 1 - Double Credits for Keyword Packages. Credits won't expire either, so you can feel free to stock up. I'm Buying.
  • LowFruits, Nov. 25-30 - 20% Off keyword credits.
  • Mangools, Nov. 10-19 - 50% Off all their plans.
  • TopicMojo, Nov. 22-30 - 60% Off their Annual Pro Plan that gives you unlimited everything. This deal is better for agencies though. If you don't have a team, it's cheaper to buy codes on Growth Index and then add the SEO Add-On for $15/mth.
  • SerpWatch, Nov. 21-30 - Tracking keyword rankings on Google and other search engines. Starting at $69 depending on how many keyword checks you need to use per month. Part of AppSumo Black Friday. I already use this and love the daily emails with ranking changes. Helps view position jumps and issues quickly.
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  • Deposit Photos, Nov. 21-30 - 100 photos/vectors for $39. Part of AppSumo Black Friday. I'm Definitely Buying.
  • ClosersCopy, Nov. 21-29 - 20% Off any of their plans, including lifetime plans. Use coupon code "BLACKBIRD". Get an additional user seat for a total of 5, instead of the regular 4. I already have the Lifetime Unlimited deal.
  • SurferSEO, Nov. 25-29 - 30% off discount for monthly subscriptions for 6 months, or a fixed 30% off for annual plans.
  • MarketMuse, Nov. 19-30 - 20% off discount for their Standard subscription. Use code "WINTER2021" at checkout.
  • NeuralText, Nov. 21-30 - Complete content workflow from keyword research to content creation with AI for $69. Part of AppSumo Black Friday. I tested this and it was useful, but it wasn't better than my current workflow.
  • AmaLinks Pro, Nov. 26-30 - Create Amazon affiliate links and product boxes. 50% Off all plans.
  • AAWP, Nov. 26-Dec. 3 - Create Amazon affiliate links and product boxes. New customers will get the [NicheWP theme] and an exclusive affiliate course for free. No other discounts.
  • AMZ Watcher, Nov. 24-Unclear - Keep track of broken Amazon links, affiliate tags, and more. 30% Off subscriptions using code: BFCM21.

Even though there's no AAWP discount, I still prefer AAWP over AmaLinks for ease of use and customer support. It's night and day, especially when it comes to customer support. I pay regular price for AAWP even though I could renew AmaLinks for 50% off.

Unfortunately, no Frase discounts. It's like Ahrefs I guess in that they don't need to offer Black Friday deals.

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  • Niche Website Builders, Nov. 22-Dec. 3 - 20% additional content on DFY websites, aged domain packages, and one-time bulk content orders. 20% extra content for first month of all content subscriptions. Sign up for 6-month contract and get 5% additional content every month, 12-month and get 10% more.
  • Human Proof Designs, Nov.22-30 - 28% Off Ready-Made and Custom Sites. 22% Off content subscriptions, link building, site management, and all other subscriptions. 50% Off keyword packs.
  • Alpha Investors, Nov. 11-29 - Additional 20% of content across all their products (Content Packages, DFY Affiliate Sites, Aged Domains) IF you're on their mailing list. When you order, they'll check their mailing list and add an additional 20% of content.
  • BuySellText, Nov. 26-29 - 15% Off content orders.
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  • Deposit Photos, Nov. 21-30 - 100 photos/vectors for $39. Part of AppSumo Black Friday. I'm Definitely Buying.
  • BIGVU, Nov. 21-30 - Comprehensive video tool offering a teleprompter, automatic captions, editing, music, collaboration, and more to create professional content for $36. Part of AppSumo Black Friday. I have this because I thought I'd be making videos, but haven't gotten around to recording videos. The teleprompter is what sold me.
  •, Nov. 21-30 - It's a video editor, video host, and animatron studio all-in-one for $59.
  • Lumen5, Nov. 21-30 - 1 year of FREE access to this AI-powered video creation platform. Limit to how many people grab this deal, so don't wait to get this on AppSumo.
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  • The Affiliate Lab, Nov. 26-29 - 50% Off the course, that's $500 Off. Matt Diggity's course. I have this and love it. Lots of great info here on building affiliate sites and growing them to be an authority site. Consistently updated too.
  • Course on Website Flipping, Nov. 22-29 - $150 Off on this course about flipping websites from Mushfiq. Just launched with 6+ hours of videos and you'll get all the updates in the future. Course price will increase in December too. I have this too and there is an incredible amount of information in here about where to find websites, how to optimize sales prices, and more. He also includes all the data from his past 39 website flips.
  •, Nov. 22-29 - 120+ battle-tested tactics to 10X your site’s traffic and revenue. Get $100 Off. I have this and it's a great checklist of things to do to optimize your site to increase earnings.
  •, Nov. 22-29 - 45+ due diligence questions database and dashboard. This tool helps you structure your due diligence when buying sites. Get $100 Off.
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  • Niche Website Builders, Nov. 22-Dec. 3 - 15% Off discount on all link building subscriptions, one-off guest post and niche edit links, and DFY HARO packages (that start in Jan. 2022, so this is a pre-order). Sign up for a 6-month contract and get 5% Off, or 12-month and get 10% Off.
  • Link Whisper, Nov. 24-30 - $30 Off all plans. Biggest discount yet. Discount code to use at checkout is: "BlackFriday". I'm buying this.
  • Authority Builders: ABC Plus, Nov. 26-29 - Buy 3 Months, Get Free Link Insertions + No Setup Fees. Regular one-off Guest Posts and A-List Links are 25% off.
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  • WP Rocket, Nov. 23-Dec. 1 - 30% Off is valid on new licenses
  • Rank Math Pro, Nov. 22-27 - Up to 50% Off on all annual plans. Up to 2X benefits on keyword tracking, Content AI credits, site licenses and more than regular annual plans. I use Rank Math Pro on all my sites.
  • Smart Quiz Builder, Nov. 21-30 - Build quizzes as lead magnets to collect emails for $59. Part of AppSumo Black Friday. I already use this to create quizzes and collect emails.
  • WPvivid Pro, Nov. 26-Dec. 31 - 40% Off discount on all subscriptions/plans. I already have the Freelancer lifetime deal. It's my go-to plugin for automatic backups to my pCloud account, and for migrations when changing servers.
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  • GeneratePress Premium - Up to 25% Off annual and lifetime deals. I have a Lifetime Deal and use this theme for all my sites.
  • Generate Blocks - 25% Off all annual plans. Lightweight page builder for use with GeneratePress themes. I also use this GeneratePress add-on for more customization of posts. A much more lightweight alternative to Elementor and Divi. I'm renewing my membership.
  • Brizy, Nov.23-30 - 40% Off all Brizy Pro Plans. I have Brizy Pro and use it when I'm creating pages that are more important for design reasons. Otherwise, I use Generate Blocks. [Enter their Giveaway] for an iPad Pro and Brizy Pro Agency plans.
  • Elementor Pro, Nov.22-30 - Up to 50% Off all plans. The higher the plan, the more discount you get.
  • Popcorn Theme - 25% Off the theme. 1 license purchase and you can use it on unlimited sites.
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  • SerpNames, Nov. 26-29 - 25% Off all aged domains on their website. I've purchased from them before and it was a great experience.
  •, Nov. 22-Dec. 3 - 50% Cashback on all aged domains on their website. Get the money back in your account for future domain purchases. If you order content through them (partnered with Niche Website Builders), you get 20% more content.
  • Namecheap, Nov. 22-29 - Up to 97% Off on Domains, Hosting, Email, and Web Security tools.

I stopped using Namecheap because their regular prices aren't all that cheap, but the first year prices might be worth it. I use Porkbun now. Depending on the TLD extension you want (com, net, org), you can double-check their site for prices. They usually have the lowest annual prices for domains. One thing I do for a great deal is buy it at a discount for the first year and then transfer it to Porkbun.

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After Siteground and Dreamhost both went down recently, it's an even clearer sign to avoid signing up for shared hosting providers just because they're cheap. I use VPS hosting that's $6/mth on Vultr, but I manage my own servers, which is barely any work after the initial setup (my VPS migration guide) or sign up for Cloudways as they'll manage the servers for you.

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  • MXroute, Nov.22-30 - To create email accounts, instead of using Google Workspace or similar email services. For the more tech-savvy. 10GB plan for $10/yr and 25GB plans for only $25/yr. Get Unlimited Domains and Email Accounts. I signed up for the 25GB and love it.
  • MailPoet Premium, Nov. 22-30 - Create and send newsletters, transactional emails, and collect emails with this WordPress Plugin. Was acquired by WooCommerce this year. 40% Off all annual plans and licenses. I use this for all my WordPress to send transactional emails.
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  • Hexomatic, Nov. 21-30 - No-code automations like scraping competitor websites, scraping and analyzing SERPs and competitors for $98. Part of AppSumo Black Friday. I already use this.
  • Better Uptime, Nov. 21-30 - Notifies me if my site ever goes down or other issues like SSL. 100 monitors for $69. Part of AppSumo Black Friday. I already use this.
  • pCloud Hosting - 2TB for $245 and 500GB for $122.50. It's a great Dropbox alternative and great for storing photos and videos. Current pCloud customers can add 2TB for the same price. I have 2TB myself and will be adding 2TB. It's easy to use and you can also share folders with your team to use.
  •, Nov. 21-30 - Create, automate, and send customized newsletters. Uses AI to curate content. Part of AppSumo Black Friday. I'm Definitely Buying for niche sites that can utilize newsletters. Let AI help with curating content.
  • A Self Guru Legal Templates, Nov. 21-30 - Get legal templates like affiliate disclaimers, privacy policies, terms and conditions, freelancers, copyright, and more. They have different packages for bloggers, coaches, freelancers, etc. Use discount code: BF2021 to save up to $200 Off. I have the Starter Legal Bundle with 3 essential legal templates that I use on all my niche sites.
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