Congrats to all the Giveaway Winners!

The emails of the winners are in the next section (redacted emails). Seemed like plenty of people got in on the action with the giveaway, so maybe I'll do another one soon. After all, it's the holidays.

Holiday sales have already started too, and I'm seeing an uptick in traffic and affiliate sales. Are you seeing the same thing?

If you don't have any product-focused articles, you might not see much of an increase in site traffic.

I feel it's always good to work in products where you can, because affiliate commissions will earn you more income per visitor than pure, informational articles for the majority of sites.

Sprinkling in product ideas is always good with informational articles. You don't need to add a large product box either. You can add a sentence about a product you use that's related to the article topic and have a contextual link to it.

This can even help the reader, especially if it's a how-to type of article. I know I've read articles that say: "get a thingamajig and life is better." The what?

Adding a "It can be hard to find a good thingamajig, but this is the thingamajig that I use, which I bought online." And you create a contextual link there.

There are a couple benefits here. One is of course, the potential affiliate earning. You're making it easier for them to find the thingamajig. They don't need to go Google for it now.

The second benefit is you're personalizing the content and the visitor will feel more connected to you (the article). You're showing them that you understand what they're going through, because you've been through it yourself.

Think about what you can do in your articles with personalizing it more and maybe making a bit more money from affiliate sales.

Have a great weekend and week ahead!

Yoyao - Niche Surfer  


Congrats to all the Winners from the 1-Year Anniversary Giveaway!

I will email each of you individually with the instructions on how to access your prizes! These are the winners:

Niche Surfer  


Tools and ResourcesTools and Resources




Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

This is an ongoing list for the next few weeks to help keep tabs on the good deals out there for niche sites. I'll be sending out a separate Black Friday list when the time comes, so that there's one email specifically for deals. For now, here's what you can look forward to:


  • Keyword Chef, Nov. 26-Dec. 1 - Double Credits for Keyword Packages. Credits won't expire either, so you can feel free to stock up.

  • Mangools, Early BF Deal, Nov. 10-19 - Mangools is one of the lower cost SEO tools and for their pre-BF deal, it's cheaper than their actual BF deal. Their BF deal is 50% Off, but their early-BF deal is 60% Off.


  • Alpha Investors, Nov. 11-29 - Additional 20% of content across all their products (Content Packages, DFY Affiliate Sites, Aged Domains) IF you're on their mailing list. When you order, they'll check their mailing list and add an additional 20% of content.





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