Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up. Are you preparing your sites for BF/CM deals?

Do you create a Deals Page for your sites?

I haven't seen anyone talking about this to take advantage of Q4. Lots of earnings opportunities here if you already have traffic to your site.

Even if your site only contains informational articles, you can still create a specific deals page for visitors. Here's what I like to do.

  1. I create a specific BF/CM page of curated deals from Amazon and other affiliate programs.
  2. I create a notification message in 1 of 2 places. One is at the top of the site on every page. The other option is at the top of every post. It depends on my site layout and how the top bar affects navigation for visitors.

I'm not looking to create a deals page that will rank in the niche if someone is searching Google for "black friday deals for [niche]." If the deals page does rank organically, that's even better!

The deals page is only for visitors that are already visiting my sites. I'm offering them an option to get some deals during the discount holiday.

These pages are really easy to create too. I just create some H2 headers for different categories and use the AAWP plugin to create product boxes and category lists.

Even if your site isn't focused on affiliate sales, I still think Q4 is a good time to increase your earnings as many people will be buying things for themselves or others. Once BF/CM is over, you then have Christmas and other holiday sales.

Take a look at your site and see how you can take advantage of Q4!

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Since many people have already started to announce their Black Friday deals, I'll keep an ongoing list for the next few weeks to help keep tabs on the good deals out there for niche sites.





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