I'm going to go on a little staycation with the family for the weekend. It'll be nice to get away, even if it's still in the city.

It's a different mindset when you have little kids with you, at least for me. When it was just me, I wouldn't think twice about traveling. But now that I have the kids and family to think about, I'm more cautious.

For those of you with kids, do you ever feel that way? How about with your niche sites? Do your niche sites feel like your babies?

There are a lot of parallels for me with raising kids and building out niche sites.

When starting out with a site, I put a lot of thought into the foundation of the site and what I hope it'll grow to be. I look at the potential by looking at the successful sites that I want to emulate. Then I put a plan together on how to build out the content and site.

As the site increases in traffic and revenue, it becomes affected by the outside world (Google and visitors), and I need to adjust my plans depending on what the site is telling me.

The sites begin to have a mind of its own and you need to listen to what it's telling you. I will need to take that information and after some analysis, I will adjust my plans.

I still want to grow the sites, but I also don't want to lose the good things that I already have in the site. I want to add on to the site and not replace what's already working.

You may see other kids that you think are amazing and prodigies, so you want to do whatever they did to raise them that way. Same with building sites, you try to emulate someone else's plan.

That's fine when you start out a site, but at some point, the site will grow and start talking back to you. It'll tell you what's working for the site and what's not working. Just like kids will tell you what they like and don't like.

The tip this week is to learn how to listen to what your site is telling you and adjust based on that.

Understand the SEO metrics and know what's important and not important. Use your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other SEO tools.

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