How was your week? Get a lot done?

Q4 has started - are you ready?

If you have an affiliate site, be sure to have your pages and call to actions optimized. Get people clicking your affiliate links.

Have those Black Friday and Cyber Monday articles ready to go. As those articles may not rank, you can still direct traffic to them through notifications on your site.

Create notifications at the top of your site, on the sidebar, or in the posts themselves right at the top of your articles.

You can create similar gift pages for Christmas and other holiday presents.

Even if you're primarily an informational content site, you can still create these pages. You might get a nice boost in affiliate sales that you haven't had before because the site is all display ads.

Affiliate sales generally make much more than display ads, so it can't hurt to try it with your visitors.

Or are there other holiday-themed articles that you can create and utilize similar tactics to drive traffic to those articles?

Food sites could have Scary Foods for Halloween, New Thanksgiving Side Dishes, or Special Christmas Dishes in Green and Red.

You get the idea. Take advantage of the usual uptick in traffic and revenues in Q4 to earn more yourself!

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