Was busy this past week, but it felt good to get a lot of tasks done. I love that feeling of checking off boxes on the To-Do list - especially if I don't know what I did will necessarily pay off!

That's the world that we work in when we work on affiliate sites. We build sites. Publish articles. Then worry if it will be successful.

All that work we put in for Google to index the site - then we hope that Google will rank it on Page 1.

If it ranks well enough and people click through - we hope the content is good enough that people will read it, stay on the page for ad revenue, and maybe click-thru to buy an affiliate product.

So much time is spent waiting and waiting for better rankings, increased traffic, and increased revenues. Refreshing the dashboards of Google Analytics and Amazon Affiliates won't help with those.

I find that I like to keep myself busy when it comes to waiting. Work on a new article. Work on a new site. Or even do something that's non-niche site related.

Take breaks too or you'll get burnout. Find a hobby that gets you away from thinking about your site and content.

Go out for a run or walk around the block. Take in the sun. Or just stay in and watch a movie.

The point is to stop thinking about work and get refreshed before you get back into it.

Have a great weekend!

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