Published a lot of content this week. It's been a few months since I've published that many articles. Feels good to get in a nice groove like that again.

One thing that's really helped with getting content out is the latest Frase AI updates. It's a great AI content generator that use's Frase's own Natural Language Generator (NLG) and not GPT-3 that most others use (e.g., Jarvis AI).

I've cancelled my Jarvis AI subscription, because Frase has been delivering. My content creation workflow is now all in Frase, from outline to writing to optimizing. AI Content Dojo has a good video showing how he used Frase from start to finish on an article. Frase will be introducing a plagiarism checker soon as well into its feature set (whispers are Copyscape).

It definitely helps to have content generation all on one platform, so I don't need to jump around to different platforms and worry about formatting issues when copying/pasting.

Give Frase a go with their Free Trial.

Now onto this week's articles...

Niche Surfer  

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Tools and ResourcesTools and Resources

Great Tools for Niche Site and Content Creators

Use this link for $10 Off with your first purchase on AppSumo. You can also start a new account with a new email address if you've purchased before.

TopicMojo - Many people last week were really interested in this, so sharing it again here. This is an AnswerThePublic competitor to find keywords and questions. These tools are also a part of BrandOverflow's toolset (Keyword Generator and Question Explorer), so if you have BrandOverflow, these are the same.

Crello Pro - Great Canva alternative to create graphic designs for you affiliate sites. Includes the premium images, so you don't have to pay extra to use them. Deal Ending in 3 days.

SerpWatch - Rank tracker lifetime deal that's ending in ~10 days. The monthly limits are by keyword checks, so 4,500 means you can track 150 keywords daily for 30 days (4500 / 30 days = 150). You can check keyword rankings weekly, which would mean you can track 1125 keywords (4500 / 4 weeks = 1125).

Radaar - Great way to manage your social media accounts and schedule posts. This also includes a social media inbox to manage messages and comments.

wpDataTables - Create advanced tables on WordPress, including the ability to sync a WordPress Table with a Google Sheet.

Niche Surfer