It's Black Friday / Cyber Monday time!

There're many good BFCM deals out there on tools and services to help us with our affiliate websites. I'll make notes on what I think about each deal and whether I'll be getting it myself! Some I already use, so be sure to check if these deals are good for renewals too (they usually are).

If there are coupon codes, they'll be BOLD and also written as oneword.

Some of these are Appsumo and Other Lifetime Deals, meaning you pay once and you get the product for life. No annual payments. If they're on Appsumo, use the BF2020 code for an extra 10% Off orders of $150+.

Some of the links are affiliate links, so I may receive a small commission, but there's no extra cost to you at all.

Niche Surfer  

Tools and ResourcesTools and Resources

Content Creation + Optimization

These products and services focus on making the creation and optimization of content easier, more efficient, and better overall.

Frase, 11/23-30 (Appsumo) - I use this already

$79 for 30 docs per month, $158 for Unlimited
Think of this as SurferSEO, except Frase also gives you the ability to create content outlines quickly. Outlines help me and my writers write articles faster. Their content optimization has helped my content rank faster and higher. They do have a SEO Data add-on to see things like DA and Keyword Search Volume, but if you already have a SEO tool, the add-on isn't needed. Frase just did a webinar covering their content templates that'll give you a good idea of what they do - watch here.

Surfer SEO, 11/27-11/30

$49 Surfer Starter Pack monthly plan. Also a booster pack for current Surfer subscribers, $29/month for 50 Content Editor and 25 NLP Analysis queries. The Starter Pack adds NLP analysis queries, but has fewer queries elsewhere compared to the regular Basic plan when paid annually.

  • BF $49/month - 10 SERP queries, 15 Content Editor queries, 10 NLP queries
  • Basic Annual $49.20/month - 15 SERP queries, 25 Content, 25 Backlink queries, 0 NLP queries

They just released Content Editor 2.0 with a Content Planner and a new Content Editor they claim is 10x better. They opened up a trial for me to take a look at 2.0 and I just didn't see much that'd make me switch back to Surfer from Frase. Surfer does lay some info out in more layman's terms (e.g. add 383 words because blah blah blah). But the data is all there in Frase too, just not spelled out like Surfer.

Deposit Photos, 11/23-30 (Appsumo) - I'm buying

$39 per 100 Photo/Vector Downloads - No expiration on downloads
Large library of stock photos and has shown to be good with smaller niches that I have trouble finding stock photos for at the usual suspects -,, and ShutterStock is expensive. Deposit Photos at this price is great, a big time save for 39 cents per photo or vector image. Check out their website,, to search their inventory for useful photos.

AAWP, 11/23-30 - I use this now

BLACKWEEK2020 - 30% Off Regular Prices. Euro (USD equiv.) are €49 ($58) for 1 site, €129 ($153) for 3, €249 ($295)for 10, €399 ($473) for 25.
AAWP is really easy to use to create a variety of Amazon product boxes on Amazon affiliate sites. I'm thinking of replacing it with AMA Links Pro though, because of AMA's deal.

AMA Links Pro, 11/27-12/1 - I might buy Lifetime

50% OFF plans, Including their Platinum Lifetime Plan for ~$398 (Reg. Price $797).
Reg. Prices for the other plans: $67 for 1 site, $127 for 3, $197 for 25. I might buy this to replace AAWP because of the Lifetime Plan. That would save me a lot of money not needing to renew licenses for all my sites (I need the 10-site package). You can see the higher prices for AAWP above that you need to renew each year for continued updates and support.

Content Creation and Optimization  

Backlink Building Services

These are the BFCM specials I've found that help with building and managing internal and external links for SEO.

Niche Website Builders - I'm using their Shotgun Skyscraper Link Building service now.

I'll be writing up my experience after the first month of outreach, in early Dec. I've been pretty happy overall with them so far. Here're their Multiple Coupon Codes that are one-time use or for the 1st month only.

BLACKFRIDAYMORE15, one-time - 15% More Content on DFY websites and Bulk Content Orders
BLACKFRIDAYSUBMORE20, 1st Month - 20% More Content on Content Subscriptions
BLACKFRIDAYLINKS15, one-time - 15% Discount on One Off Link Building Guest Posts and Niche Edits
BLACKFRIDAYLINKSSUB15, 1st Month - 15% Discount on Link Building Subscriptions

Authority Builders - I've used them for Backlinks

They're more expensive, but the service is good, and they have a backend to check backlink status.

ABCBLACKFRIDAY - 25% off all Guest Posts and A-List Links
ABC Plus - Buy 3 Months, Get One Free + No Setup Fees

Backlink Building Services  

Wordpress Themes and Plugins

This section covers the tools to build affiliate websites. It's not an exhaustive list, but are the tools that I use now on a daily basis or have used in the past that are good.


GeneratePress Premium - I use this now and plan to upgrade to Lifetime

$39 for 1 yr, $209 for 1st Ever Lifetime Pricing
I use GeneratePress as the theme for all my affiliate sites now. It's super fast and easy to use. Premium gets me all the customizations I need, along with some templates from their Site Library if I need them.
If you're already a Premium user, log in and you'll get 45% Off Renewal, as well as discount on Lifetime upgrade. Mine came out to $27.47/yr or $164.05/lifetime. Depends on what you had originally paid for the Premium licenses.

Astra, 11/25-27

Save up to 40% Off their Yearly and Lifetime plans. The plans vary depending on the plugins you want with them.
Yearly plans are priced at $41, $118, $149 per year (Reg. Price $59, $169, $249). Lifetime plans are $174, $349, $419 (Reg. $249, $499, $699).


Link Whisper, 11/27-12/2 - I use on all my sites

blackfriday - $25 Off. Regular Prices per year are $77 for 1 site, $117 for 3, $167 for 10. Link Whisper just had a big update and their keywords targeting got better. It now allows you to choose target keywords and it can get keywords you're ranking for from Google Search Console. [Read more here}(

WP Rocket, 11/25-12/2

30% Off. $34.30 for 1 site, $69.30 for 3 sites, $174.30 for Unlimited sites (Reg. $49, $99, $249).
I don't use WP Rocket, because I'm on Ezoic with my sites, so I use Ezoic's Paid Site Speed Accelerator+, which is similar.


I rarely use page builders now, because they slow down sites due to their bloat. On the off-chance I do, it's because I'm looking to create some unique design that would take much longer using GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks (GP's sister plugin by the same dev team). Here are the deals if you're interested in them.

Brizy, 11/23-30 - I have Lifetime deal

30% Off Annual Plans - $34/yr for 3 sites (Reg. $49), $69/yr for Unlimited Sites (Reg.$99), $299 Lifetime has no discount. This is my favorite page builder when I need to use one, it's so easy to use.

Divi, Starts 11/27 - I have Lifetime deal

25% Off Annual and Lifetime Plans - $67/year for Unlimited Sites (Reg. $89), $187 one-time payment for LIfetime use with Unlimited Sites (Reg. $249). They have number of third-party gifts that're thrown in. They differ depending on when you buy, the earlier you buy, the better the goodies. It'll be different tools, themes, plugins, etc. that all work with Divi.

Elementor, 11/24-28 - I have this

Up to 25% Off Annual Plans. $89 for 3 sites (Reg. $99), $149 for 1,000 sites (Reg. $199). $49 for 1 site is not discounted. I'm disappointed with Elementor's deals compared to others, but if you like and use Elementor, a discount is better than nothing. I still have this, but have switched over to Brizy and will probably just let my Elementor license expire.

Wordpress Themes and Plugins  

SEO and Keyword Tools

Looks like the larger companies (e.g. Ahrefs) aren't doing anything for BF or at least hte deals aren't that great (e.g. SEMrush below). Then again, they don't really need to. Plus, they already offer many free tools, like Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. This does give room for the smaller companies to try and grab some users.

Brand Overflow, 11/25-30 - I use this to track my keywords and beginning to use for Keyword Research

LTD Packages Starting at $39.99 depending on number of keywords you want to track. Get additional 20% Off with Coupon Code - DIGITALTHINK.

Brand Overflow is aiming to be a complete SEO solution. SEO Tools include tracking keyword rankings and backlinks. Has a good research tools for Keywords, Domain Insights, Questions, Ads, Content Audit, and Competitor Research. Still relatively young, so the tools all have work to be done, but they've been developing quickly. I've switched over all my keyword tracking, but I'll give it at least another 6-10 months before I'll consider not using my other SEO and Keyword tools. So this is more of an investment and not having to pay $100+ per month forever elsewhere.

SE Ranking, 11/18-12/2

BLACKFRIDAY2020 - 30% Off any subscription plan starting from $27.30 (Reg. $39) and up depending on number of keywords tracked.

SEMrush, 11/25-12/15

SEMrush has 2 different plans that are centered on an additional user.

Individual - 50% Off Additional User on the SEMrush Pro Plan, $135/month. Regular Price is $99 for SEMrush Pro and $70 for 1 Additional User.

Agency Bundle Plan - $199/mo for SEMrush Pro (Reg. $99) + Agency Growth Kit ($100) + 1 Additional User ($70).

Mangools, ends 12/2

25% Off all subscription plans starting at $37 per month. Save up to 40% if you pay annually. Depends on how many keywords you want to lookup each day and how many keywords you want to track.

LongTailPro, ends 11/30

Save 50% off their Annual Plans depending on number of keyword lookups per 24 hours. $148.50/yr for 800 lookups (Reg. $297). $347/yr for 5550 lookups per day (Reg. $694).

SEO and Keyword Tools  

Domains and Web Hosting

NameCheap - ends 11/30 - I use occasionally

BFTLDREG - Up to 90% Off Domain Registrations, Coupon Code.

They have many other deals with their hosting and emails, but I've never used them. I can't say how good or bad they are. I have used them many times for domain registrations when they have low 1st-year prices, like Black Friday.

While these registrations are heavily discounted, be careful of the price increases the next year. Transfer the domains before the year expires if the domain's renewal rate is much higher than other registrars.

Namecheap and Godaddy are two of the largest registrars, but they're also more expensive. They offer more "features," but for me, they're not really needed. I use Porkbun and Namesilo. Both have great prices and are easy to use.

Cloudways, 11/22-12/2 - I used to use them

BFCM2020 - 40% Off All Plans for 4 months.

I used to use Cloudways, because it gave me the advantage of VPS server speeds and scalability. I wasn't tied down to the lower storage and bandwidth limits of shared servers. Cloudways provides a great service if you're not tech savvy. For the most part, you still only need to worry about managing WordPress, like if you were on a shared server.

Vultr - I host my sites with them

Get $100 in credit to test Vultr with plans starting out at $2.50 for some server locations. But really, you'll want to get at least the $5 a month plan because the storage and memory is too low in the $2.50 plan.

I use Vultr High-Frequency VPS servers now for all my niche sites. I use others for testing purposes, but Vultr HF is what I use. The HF servers are the fastest in response compared to others at the same level. I used to use DigitalOcean, but switched over when Vultr provided much better speeds. Cloudways does have Vultr HF plans, so you can try them out if you're not as technically-inclined.

WPX Hosting, 11/24-12/3

$2.00 for 1st 2 months then the Regular prices. 6 months Free on a 2-year plan.

I've never used WPX because it's shared hosting and I use Vultr VPS servers. But I've only heard of good things from others with large niche sites - speed and customer support.

Domains and Web Hosting