The Tokyo Olympics 2020 are underway!

Yes, it's "2020" - not a typo. I paused when I first saw "Tokyo 2020" myself. That's how crazy things have been and are still going around the world.

That got me thinking about all the work that must be getting put into putting together the Olympics. None of the organizers, coaches, athletes, and anyone else gave up. Everyone kept working at it to put the Olympics on.

They never gave up.

Giving up is easy to do, especially with niche sites. You write an article and expect Google to bring you hundreds of people a day. Not likely.

This journey is a marathon and you need to keep working at it. Keep doing the keyword research, pushing out articles, and learning.

You can see some big $$$ income reports out there. You can get there too. Look at how many articles they wrote - hundreds. Don't think that 10-20 articles on your new niche site will make you thousands in a few months.

Everything takes time and work. This year may not be the year for you, but if you keep working and learning, next year could be it.

Go get it!

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Tools and ResourcesTools and Resources

Great Tools for Niche Site and Content Creators

Frase - Their AI tools, Content Analytics and the good ole content optimizer are great. They also have AI Writing that should be coming up next week that looks like it may replace other GPT-3 based writers. Frase NLP looks better than GPT-3 and the beta feedback I've been seeing is great. There's a Loom video of an intro for their beta testers to see what they're releasing soon. Try their Free Trial.

AMZ Image - Makes it easy to add Amazon product images with your affiliate links, so you can earn revenue from the sales. It's a one-trick pony, but does it well. AAWP does the same thing with images with the addition of product boxes. I use AAWP myself.

Spayee - Create courses and a mobile app to go along with it. This deal ends in 3 days.

The Power of Storytelling - Free - Bozoma “Boz” Saint John's free ebook on marketing and influencer strategies. She's currently the Glocal Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix. The ebook is Free for a limited time and then it'll become paid.

Google Analytics 4 Bootcamp - Free - Free 5-lesson online course on Google Analytics. Might be worth it to learn about GA4, because GA3 (Universal Analytics) will eventually go bye-bye.

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Link BuildingLink Building


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