I watched Black Widow this week and really enjoyed how fun it was. There were a lot of family dynamics and relationships in it that made me think about this journey of building niche sites.

This journey can be lonely as we design our websites and write content for different sites. There's a lot that we do in front of a computer day in, day out.

Okay...everything I do is in front of a computer. Just me and the computer.

My family is home with me too, so I'm never alone, but when it comes to the niche websites, it is just me. Depending on the site, I do have writers and a team I work with, but I also don't have a big team.

I rely on the people I'm surrounded by to help and support me with different things. And I support them with things they need as well. It's a support system, a family, whether by blood or not.

As the sites and earnings grow, you can grow the family with writers, editors, virtual assistants, project managers, and more.

I would also add to that a support system of those who are also on the same journey as you with niche sites. Learn from and share with each other.

Even if you're just starting out and don't know anyone personally, there are Facebook and Discord groups. Some YouTubers have their own groups that you can join to talk to others.

Course creators also have their own community groups like Matt Diggity's Affiliate Lab. I've taken his course and am in the private FB group for those in the course.

There are many experienced affiliate site owners in the group who have been doing this for many years and regularly make 5-6 figures. They offer invaluable advice from their experience and since they also took the same course, everyone there has the same foundational information.

Once you reach certain levels of knowledge and earnings, you're going to want to take the next step. It's important to have those at the next level you're trying to get to, so you can learn how they got there.

Never stop learning. That's one of the biggest reasons that I started the Niche Surfer Newsletter.

Yoyao - Niche Surfer  


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