I completed my first website sale this past week!

I sold it for $3500 on Flippa. The site was earning about $70 a month from affiliate commissions and Ezoic ads.

I have too many sites and decided to start paring down the number of sites I have, starting with this first sale. I figured that someone else could take advantage of the site and content.

My bandwidth was too stretched and all the sites aren't getting the proper care that was needed to flourish. I always said "I'll get to it tomorrow," but tomorrow became next week and then months later I was still saying tomorrow.

Stretching myself thin has been a common theme in the past. I have my hands on too many things and having trouble managing it all.

I have a few other early sites that have been neglected and barely getting any traffic, but I do feel they have potential with some work put into them. The sites aren't optimized, but I did write or edit all the content. I imagine I could get a few hundred for them for the content at least, as well as an aged site.

Maybe I should spend some time optimizing the sites, now that I know much more about SEO and building niche sites. I made those sites about a year ago and didn't know what I know today. The con against spending time on them would be taking time away from the bigger sites that I have.

What would you do? Would you sell them as-is? Would you take the time to work on them to get them to a better place?

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