No time for the weary as Google released their July Core Update on July 2nd. It's been a busy Summer 2021 for Google thus far with all these updates.

One thing that's given me some peace of mind with all the constant updates is not to focus on the update as it's happening and to take stock after the update has completely rolled out.

Site 1 of my case study was hit by the April 2021 Product Reviews Update and all I could do at the time was worry about the effect. I would continually reload Google Search Console to see how the pages and keywords were being affected.

I saw the downward effect on Day 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I stopped the constant refreshes after that and focused on my other sites with new content until the update was finished. I needed to remind myself that I'm not going to be able to change the site's rankings in the middle of an update, so there's no point in wasting 2 weeks clicking the refresh button.

I would need to wait until after the update finished, so I could see the final effects on the site. That's when I would be able to see what happened and make changes to hopefully get back into Google's good graces.

I haven't seen any major effects from the latest updates, but I also don't keep tabs on it every minute. That's given me the ability to focus on new content and sites.

I've been able to look at the bigger picture that I'm building a portfolio of sites and not just one site.

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