As I'm still recovering and Taiwan is locked down more or less, I've been doing a lot of thinking about control and how scary it is to not have control.

What can I actually control?

I can control how I take precautions to not get sick. I have more control on the precautions with my immediate family as well. But the further I go outside my circle, the less I can control or influence.

Even with all the precautions, I can't control whether I get sick or not. I still got sick.

It's the same with building affiliate websites. I can control everything that is displayed on the site, from the logo to the color scheme to the content articles. But when it comes to external factors on the site, there's far less I can control or influence.

Getting hit with the Google Product Reviews Update in April has crushed my monthly income for Site 1. It's unnerving because I don't know what'll happen when Google refreshes their Product Reviews Algo and if it'll like the site/content updates I made.

I can't control whether or not the next Google Update will hit my site. But I can control how I present my site to Google.

I can't control all the incoming links to my sites. But I can control some links.

I can't control whether site visitors click affiliate links or scroll through the article. But I can control how I present the content to visitors.

I can't control the monthly income. And that's scary.

Whether affiliate sites are a full-time or part-time gig for you, it's scary to not 100% control over your income.

It's important to recognize that and accept that. Then move on. Move forward.

Work on what you can control. It starts with ourselves and education.

There are many free and paid resources out there. The Learning SEO Roadmap is a great collection of links to free articles and courses.

Or if you like more of a structured course, I've taken Matt Diggity's Affiliate Lab ($200 Off with the aff link) and that's an amazing course that's constantly updated with more modules.

What's important is that we're always learning and working to improve ourselves and our sites.



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