Ooooh, That's Pretty...

Ever have the shiny, new object syndrome?

I get it all the time, especially when I build new sites, or I find a new SEO tool, or even when I find that there's a new feature in a tool I'm already using, or when I see a new site up for sale.

I've found myself needing to re-focus and re-prioritize tasks.

I'm behind on editing and publishing content from the writers, because I was wasting time in some less-essential areas.

I've cut down my social media time (Facebook, Twitter, Discord) to about 10 minutes a day. Except when I'm on the road. Then I'll use that time to catch up discussions.

I try to focus on one site per day or two. There are things to do for all the sites, so I'll go through the tasks I can in one day for a site based on priority. If there's a larger task I know won't be done in one day, I'll go a couple of days on that site.

What do you do when you find yourself chasing that shiny, new object?

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