Ever use This Person Does Not Exist to get persona headshots?

It seems like backlink outreach managers are working overtime. I've received 2-3 emails a day this past week and all the emails that have a headshot are from TPDNE.

Some people don't even take the time to resize the headshot, so it comes huge. Open the email and the headshot takes over the email.

Don't do that. It's so amateurish. Take 5 seconds to resize the photos.

Funny enough, the most egregious one came from someone representing a couple well-established ~DR80+ authority sites.

Besides reading those outreach emails and ogling the TPDNE headshots, I spent most of my time this past week focusing on updating old posts and optimizing new posts from writers. So, I haven't had a chance to write out my April income report. Earnings are down from March though, because Site 1 got hit by the April Product Reviews Update.

There are some great links and deals this week. The Link Whisper deal ends in 3 days, so don't miss out on that.

Let's dive in.




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