What a week. I finally decided to update my MacBook Pro to the latest macOS, but it didn't go so well and I lost a couple of days.

I ended up having to go into the Apple Store for them to do a complete wipe and clean install, because it wouldn't recognize the Admin user anymore.

Luckily, I mostly work online and I can easily recover files. I learned by lesson due to having external hard drives die on me, so I rarely keep important files on physical devices.

I now have this combination of iCloud Drive, Dropbox, pCloud, and Wasabi where I store various files and backups. I stopped using Time Machine a couple of years ago, because it won't back up to the cloud. I used to use it to back up to an external hard drive, but then that HD died and everything on it was lost.

The biggest pain though is having to reinstall apps and set everything up again. That takes a long time. But the positive out of all this is it feels like a new computer and a fresh start.

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