The Google Product Review Update is now officially over. Did you get hit?

As I mentioned in last week's Wave, I got hit. The position rankings haven't dropped any further. I've been making tweaks to the site and planning for more updates for the next time Google does a refresh.

It's definitely surprising the traffic loss by going down a few positions here and there. Collectively, it was enough to take Site 1 down from 600-700 visitors per day to ~250 visitors.

With the traffic loss, looks like my future income reports won't be as happy. And with that, finally finished the March income report. I started writing it and when the Update hit, my focus turned there.

One thing I did do on April 18th was to buy an expired domain and 301 redirected it to Site 1. I saw it in one the expired domain newsletters I follow and It was a perfect fit for Site 1. I wasn't planning to do anything like this, but it was too good of a fit for Site 1.

I performed the 301 on 4/19 and the Ahrefs Domain Rating has already gone from DR 9 to 18 in 4 days as the backlinks get redirected to Site 1. For reference, the expired domain was a DR 25 previously.

Good to see that Ahrefs likes the 301. Your move, Google.

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