March brought the end of Q1 and I saw a pick-up in Amazon sales. Don't know if it's more due to the stimulus check or if it's like this every year, but people are buying more.

I haven't finished my income report yet, but revenue finally increased month-to-month again. Monthly Revenue had gone from 3 digits to 5 digits in the blink of an eye and down more than 50% in another blink.

It's been a wild and crazy ride since I started my affiliate marketing journey a little over a year ago. BUT I still love the ride and wouldn't trade the Waves for anything else right now.

The Waves are the main reason I called this newsletter, Niche Surfer. I used to surf all the time when I was living by the ocean. There was nothing more peaceful than being out on the water on the board waiting for the next wave...until you saw a Fin (thankfully, it was always a dolphin).

Being on the affiliate marketing journey is like riding waves. You'll catch big waves and small waves of traffic and earnings. You'll catch different niche waves from pets to cooking to home improvement. You'll catch Google Algo Update waves up and down.

In the end, we're all Surfers looking to catch the next Wave on our journeys and I'm glad we're riding waves together here.

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