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So I fell into a rabbit hole of Testing this week. It all started with Site 4, a new site I started in January and slowly putting content on. Then I started using (below) too.

In my latest monthly income report, I mentioned how one of the new pages started ranking immediately, so I added AAWP product boxes to hopefully optimize conversions. I also made a change from a WP Table to an AAWP Table.

A couple days after I made those changes, I noticed that search impressions suddenly dropped, including a main keyword. I couldn't figure out what happened, because I hadn't made any changes. Could it just be the Google dance because it's a brand new site and a new page?

As I looked into the drop and considered the possibility of the AAWP Table being an issue, I came across the <table> vs <div> debate and how it affects SEO, if it does. The stock Gutenberg WP Tables uses the <table> tag, while AAWP uses the <div> tag. Click that link to get both sides of the story.

I figured it couldn't hurt to change it back, since search impressions were nonexistent anyways. I changed the AAWP Table back to a stock WP Table. I included AAWP shortcodes inside the cells to get product images and the Buy buttons.

The next day, that page got back some of its search impressions. A few days in and it's not looking bad. I can't say 100% that changing to a <table> is the cause for the rise in impressions, but it's sure an interesting coincidence.

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