Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

I guess...but it's a pain to deal with. One of my sites is being scraped and copied (at least they're trying to).

In the Wordfence security plugin, I've been seeing lots of automatic blocks to bots trying to access pages. I thought it was weird when I first noticed it awhile back, so I just blocked those IPs. But then about a week ago, I received an email from DMCA asking if I wanted to add the new domain to my account, because I added the DMCA badge to it.

Huh? I didn't add that site's badge to a new domain.

I looked went to the domain and saw it was an exact copy of my site. Well, as much as they could copy, because Wordfence would keep blocking them. As I tried to navigate the site, I saw that the Wordfence Block pages were being copied and put up on those copycat sites. Hah!

I could've done a DMCA takedown, but they charge $199 per site. So I looked into how to do it and this is what I did.

  1. Look up the domain's IP and web hosting provider on
  2. Go to the web hosting provider's site and look for a "Report Abuse" link/form. In this case, it was DigitalOcean.
  3. I filled out the Report Abuse form with all the pertinent information. I also gave them a link to the Wayback Machine that shows my domain was live much earlier than the copycat domain's age.
  4. They replied back 3 days later that they'll look into it. When I checked a coupled days later, it was all taken down.

Domain Registrar - The domain was registered on DynaDot and I send them a message at the same time as to the web host. But DynaDot was completely useless. They said to go to the web host.

I actually just reported another site this morning. All these bots scraping and trying to replicate the site. I don't know if Wordfence is the best security plugin out there, but it's doing its job of blocking out bad visitors.

I also keep my Wordfence settings strict. I will make the blocks active for 5 days to give me time to make all blocks Permanent for bad IPs. Wordfence doesn't allow automatic Permanent blocks, so I go in and manually do it.

In other news, I updated my Keyword Research For Affiliate Marketing SEO Guide to include a section on Keyword Cannibalization. I've had questions specifically on that and what happens when SERPs return similar results.

I originally excluded talking about that because it's part of Silo/Topic Cluster planning, which I want to do separately. But it does make sense to also include here, so I added the extra section on it. Take a look and feel free to ask any questions!

The good stuff is down below. This is a bit lengthy, so have a couple cups of coffee at the ready. I wrote a mini-article in response to one of the videos, because I have differing opinions on what people should do after purchasing a website.

The links where I don't say much of anything are good too. There's just not much to be said because the content in those links are good.

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