Seems like there might be another round of Google updates with SERP trackers going crazy starting on Feb. 7th - Search Engine Roundtable.

I had a big drop in traffic on Feb. 11th all of a sudden in Google Analytics, but when I look at Google Search Console and Ezoic's Analytics, I actually see a slight increase in traffic from the day before.

Not sure what happened, but it seems like GA had a bad day for the site. I don't see the same drops for other sites. Weird. Thinking it was a potential caching issue, I cleared the cache on the site and on Ezoic. Don't know if either of those were the issue, but it seems fixed now.

February has been a relatively slow month with traffic and because of that, I got downgraded again by Ezoic Premium hah. I'm now on the 4 Star Elite plan that's $220 per month from the 5 Star Elite $440 plan.

At this rate, I may be kicked off the Premium plan altogether by the end of February hah!

It's actually motivating though. It's given me a bit of a kick in the butt to get more content up.

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