Big thanks to Niche Website Builders for inviting me to their podcast! I had a great time talking to Adam Smith.

And a Big Welcome to all you New Surfers riding the waves with us!

If you haven't heard the episode yet, do check it out on the NWB Podcast. If you prefer the video version, you can see it on the NWB YouTube Channel.

Wow, as I go to get the YT link, I see that the video with me has the 2nd most views!

Ok, NWB only has 4 videos so far...but it's still cool that the video has more views than two other videos. Little ole me is a no-name compared to the other three. It could also be due to the great thumbnail NWB created for the episode.

I just published my January 2021 Income Report. Total Earnings were $6,581.53, which is a 40.56% drop from December. Check it out if you want to know what happened - any guesses?

Now, onto the good stuff...

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