Last week I discussed hiring writers and editors and ended with this:

Yes, AI is a threat.
BUT, AI is also a big opportunity IF you can adapt to it.
If you're looking to produce the same quality content that you're putting out now, but with AI, you're destined to fail.

Pre-AI, writers that I used to hire would give me content that I'd give a 7 out of 10 and I'd consider it to be good.

But Post-AI, I now see AI-generators consistently give me the same good content.

What does that mean? That means it's time to step up your game because anyone can now create 7/10 content. You need to create content that's 9/10 or better.

That's how you're going to stand out now. Anything less than that will result in any ole content that an AI can create.

There are two main ways to create content that's 9/10 or better:

  1. Hire Better Writers - Of course, this can get more expensive because better writers will cost more than the ones who create 7/10 content.
  2. AI + Writer/Editor - It's easier to find writers/editors who can take 7/10 content and make them even better. This is the route I'm trying with a new site.

AI has set a pretty decent baseline for good content now. Not all AI tools are the same, but the better ones are what I'm talking about. If you're unable to create better content than the tools, you're not going to rank better than AI content.

It still doesn't change the images and uploading of content to WordPress process. You still need to have that, whether you do it yourself or a VA does.

So think about how you're adapting to AI and using it to help improve your content and processes.

Don't think about how an AI tool will replace your writers and publish content faster. Think about how an AI tool will improve your content and rank better.


The first two reviews of my Topical Maps Unlocked course have also come out!



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